5 Simple Ways to Eat More Fiber



Fiber is important for our bodies as it helps prevent chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and different types of cancer. Also consuming fiber-rich foods helps boost weight loss because it helps you to feel fuller after you have eaten. However, most of use only eat half as much fiber as we should, so here are some simple ways to increase our fiber intake.

Number 1: Fruits and Vegetable
Eat instead of drinking your fruits and vegetable because processed juice leave behind the beneficial fiber of the fruit/vegetable.

Number 2: Read Nutritional Labels
Read nutrition labels and choose foods with the highest dietary-fiber numbers.

Number 3: Eat More Vegetables
Increase  your daily vegetable intake. Aim for making vegetables—preferably fiber-rich types like greens and broccoli— a part of every meal.

Easy snack ideas are carrots, celery or cherry tomatoes.

Number 4: Do not peel edible skins from fruits and vegetables
Try to limit peeling the skins off fruits and vegetables. Give them a good wash to rinse of pesticide residues.
Go organic when you can as an option

Number 5: Eat beans, lentils and split peas
Infuse beans, lentils and split peas into your diet because they are hiber rich and inexpensive.
If canned, simply rinse them off to wash away the excess sodium



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